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Maria Edgeworth
This page lists the titles of Maria Edgeworth held in the Corvey collection, together with associated Corvey Women's Writing on the Web contents.


title page attr   published
  Belinda London 1802
  Castle Rackrent: an Hibernian Tale; Taken from Facts, and from the Manners of the Irish Squires, Before the Year 1782 London 1801
  Comic Dramas: in 3 Acts London 1817
  Ennui: or, Memoirs of the Earl of Glenthorn; a Novel Miss Edgeworth Paris 1847
  Harrington, and Ormond: Tales London 1817
  Helen: a Tale Paris 1837
  Helen: a Tale London 1817
  Leonora Miss Edgeworth London 1806
  The Modern Griselda: a Tale Miss Edgeworth London 1805
  Patronage London 1814
  Popular Tales London 1804
  Tales of Fashionable Life Miss Edgeworth London 1813
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CW3 Contents

  Helen: a Tale J A Shaffer Sept 1999 (Synopsis)
  Helen: a Tale J A Shaffer Sept 1999 (Synopsis)
  Synopsis of Belinda Julie A Shaffer Sept 1999 (Synopsis)
  Synopsis of Ennui Julie A. Shaffer Feb 2000 (Synopsis)
  Synopsis of Ennui, Vol. I of Tales of Fashionable Life Julie A. Shaffer Feb 2000 (Synopsis)
  'Vivian'. In Tales of Fashionable Life J A Shaffer Sept 1999 (Synopsis)
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Contemporary material

  Belinda Monthly Magazine / JAS 1802 (Review)
  Belinda Critical Review /JAS 1802 (Review)
  Belinda British Critic /JAS 1801 (Review)
  Leonora New Annual Register / JAS 1806 (Review)
  Leonora Annual Review /JAS 1807 (Review)
  Leonora Critical Review /JAS 1806 (Review)
  Modern Griselda Monthly Magazine / JAS 1805 (Review)
  Patronage Monthly Review /JAS 1814 (Review)
  Patronage British Critic /JAS 1814 (Review)
  Popular Tales Monthly Magazine / JAS 1804 (Review)
  Popular Tales Monthly Magazine / JAS 1805 (Review)
  Tales of Fashionable Life British Critic /JAS 1813 (Review)
  The Modern Griselda: a Tale. By Miss Edgeworth Monthly Mirror /JAS 1805 (Review)
  The Modern Griselda Critical Review/JAS 1805 (Review)
  The Modern Griselda New Annual Register / JAS 1804 (Review)
  The Modern Griselda Annual Review /JAS 1804 (Review)

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