Welcome to the parasitic diseases and nutrition e-Learning resource. It is hoped that this resource will facilitate nutrition training and education to further knowledge on key areas of how parasitic diseases affect nutrition.

Areas that have been covered in this resource are an overview of key parasitic diseases, the current problem it presents globally and specifically to Tanzania and the current treatment that is available for these diseases.
A profile of Tanzania food security and consumption will also be demonstrated.

Information in relation to key parasitic diseases and the nutrition challenges it causes shall also be given here, as well as how nutrition supplements could potentially be used to combat deficiencies.

By using this website you will experience an interactive learning tool with a wide range of activities aimed at increasing and improving your knowledge.
Pre-knowledge boxes have been provided at the beginning of each nutrition related section to provide an overview of the important terms that may be being discussed.
RSS feeds have also been provided for you to look through at your convenience to provide up to date information on parasitic diseases.

Short multiple choice questions have also been given at the end of each important section to give you the opportunity to increase and improve your learning experience.
A case study related to parasitic diseases and nutrition has also been developed for you to consider. At the end of the case study you will be able to think about what advice you might offer the fictional character to improve their nutrition status.




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