Case study

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In this section we are providing you with a fictional character based upon a study carried out in North West Tanzania. Please read this text and complete the activity testing what you have learnt from the information provided in this e-Learning resource. What advice and guidance would you provide this person?

“A young woman aged 20 years old living in the rural area of Dodoma has come to you asking advice as to why recently she is experiencing a fever, diarrhoea and sweating with chills. She also explains that she has been feeling increasingly tired, has low energy levels and is becoming short of breath easily. The young woman has also noticed her skin becoming pale and her nails are very weak and brittle. This is her first pregnancy and she is in her second trimester.

She mentions that her diet is quite low in animal products because she can't afford to purchase them regularly. She eats two meals a day and in between meals drinks tea with sugar ”

From the information that the young woman has given you, please try and identify what parasitic disease she is suffering from and what potential deficiency she could also be affected by. What could she do to combat her disease and reduce her deficiency?

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